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    Our training and presentations are prepared and delivered with efficient and in vogue technology platforms.


    We lift the bar when it comes to human capital training delivery by ensuring empirical and visible results.

  • The High Hand B&C Vision

    To make everyone we come across in the journey of life better than their best!


The High Hand B&C Story

HighHandB&C is a company that specialises in human capital development, which is helping people increase their ability to do things. This shows in their output.
Our strategy is to IMPART you with ideas that would help you ACHIEVE your goals, thereby making you GROW.
Our core values are Integrity and Truth.
Integrity on our part is not just a word but a life style. We would rather say we can’t than to say we can and not make it happen. And that’s what births the truth in us as a business.

Truth, on the other hand means exactly what it is to us. This is because we don’t like people second guessing about us when we are in discussions or dialogue. What we say is what we do and what you get.


We are committed to providing world class and result oriented services:

Interactive Training

This for us must be dynamic and as interactive as possible is. To achieve this, we bring to our training forum hands on practical sessions and activities that leaves the participant with an indelible mark that will always bring to mind the lessons learnt. It is a time of fun, games and child like growth that can never be forgotten

Consulting with Empathy

In this area we have the ability to empathize, this enables us to offer the most appropriate advice in different situations for different occasions. From our wide experience which cuts across different field of endeavor we have picked up vital and valuable lessons for different business modules, this is our main pillar.

Prompt Contract Delivery

With the wide range of experience from our diverse team, we bring to bear that wide base of knowledge to function in different fields, we also have a broad network base which has opened the business world to us right in our palm. This web of connections is our stable and solid foundation when it comes to delivery on projects and contracts.


Whether it is Training, Presentation or Talk we deliver with compelling and contagious passion. If it is passionless then HHB&C is not there!

Call us on 08033019954 to set your employees, workers, members or even family members on a passionate journey of goals fulfillment.


The managing director, Mr. Bachinobi Ufodike, leads the team. He is a graduate of Veterinary Science from the University of Nigeria. He is also a veteran accountant and certified project manager.

Bachinobi Ufodike


Chinonye Ufodike


Desmond Odin


Ogochukwu Enendu

Media and digital Platforms

Adetola Balogun

Technical Director

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