HighHandB&C is a company that specialises in human capital development, which is helping people increase their ability to do things. This shows in their output.

Our strategy is to IMPART you with ideas that would help you ACHIEVE your goals, thereby making you GROW.


The managing director, Mr. Bachinobi Ufodike, leads the team.

Mr. Bachinobi Ufodike is a graduate of the school of veterinary medicine from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, where he studied veterinary science and animal husbandry. He is also a graduate of accounting from Lagos business school (Pan African university). He is a certified project manager from C.P.M.S. (Comprehensive Project Management Services). He is also a fellow of the Institute of management consultants as a certified management consultant. Having its recognition from the parent body, International council of management consultants institute, a global management consulting institute.

He is founder and C.E.O. of HighHand B & C, a human capacity development organization in Lagos.

This was birthed from his passion as Bachinobi believes that you can be a ‘jack of all trade and a master of all, once you set your mind to it. This has led him into the field of training, human capacity development as a trainer, speaker, writer and facilitator in different works of life. He also serves as the General Manager of TMX Nigeria Ltd.

The other key personnel are

  1. Chinonye Ufodike
  2. Desmond Odin
  3. Adetola Balogun
  4. Ogochukwu Enendu
  5. Ishaya Ayuba
  6. Adebusola Ehiaguina

We have team leaders also as part of our group. Usually assigned to specific projects or jobs.


Our core values are Integrity and Truth.

Integrity on our part is not just a word but a life style. We would rather say we can’t than to we can and not make it happen. And that’s what births the truth in us as a business.

Truth, on the other hand means exactly what it is to us. This is because we don’t like people second guessing about us when are in discussion or dialogue. What we say is what we do and what you get.


We achieve what we do by the following amongst other things; Trainings, presentation and talk sessions, revealing question and answer sessions, mind simulating games, interaction etc.


A        Trainings; this is when we agree with our client based on the area of need and the result needed in that area. We help facilitate a session to inspire the staff to a better position for growth. 

B        Presentations; usually for groups and churches, where we also come in to help further growth, unity and other things based on the request received.

C       Talk; when a topic is to be discussed generally to an audience at gatherings and meetings.        

Generally, question and answer sessions, games and simulations are usually co-opted into any of the above, this is based on area of interest and how we intend to come across to our audience.


1        Talk on unity in diversity.

A cultural day of Divine Offspring International School.

2        Growing Right.

A presentation for growth at R.C.C.G. Men’s breakfast meeting.

3        SHIFT: the norm.

          A youth gathering program.

4        7 traits of successful people.

          An empowerment service at R.C.C.G.

CLIENT BASE. Churches; Social groups; Cooperate organisations; Schools; Families;